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Routes in and around Cambrils

Cambrils delightful seafront promenade is ideal for strolling all year round. From east to west, the promenade runs along 9km of coastline and is excellent to unwind and have fun cycling or running ─both very healthy ways to get to know the coast of the municipality. The promenade follows the same layout as the GR-92 […]

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What to see in Cambrils. The essentials of Cambrils

The essentials of Cambrils Here we offer you a complete list with the eight keys to get the most out of our city. Do not forget to add the finishing touch to this list by checking out the Cambrils Agenda available on our website.   Tourist train Does everyone have their tickets? Discover the hidden […]

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Air-raid shelter built in 1938 to protect the residents from the bombings during the Civil War. It is currently the only public air raid shelter that is preserved in Cambrils, and which has been refurbished and made accessible to create a place connected to historical memories and an element that enhances the culture of peace. […]

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A tower that is classified as a Cultural Asset of Local Interest and due to its typology is a building comparable to the 17th century watchtowers. Of a circular layout, with a conic shape, it is preserved almost to its former beauty. Built of stone bonded with lime mortar and including bricks. It has various […]

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Not so long ago a girl told us: “Cambrils is sea”. She couldn’t be more sure, and to be truthfully said, our town cannot be talked about without mentioning the 9 kilometers of coastline. Here the soft waves break gently into the fine sand of Cambrils, making it perfect for the little ones to play. […]

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Del 8 al 12 d'Octubre
Cambrils, Entrada al País del Vi
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