What to see in Cambrils. The essentials of Cambrils

The essentials of Cambrils

Here we offer you a complete list with the eight keys to get the most out of our city. Do not forget to add the finishing touch to this list by checking out the Cambrils Agenda available on our website.


  1. Tourist train

Does everyone have their tickets? Discover the hidden spots of the city along the routes of our tourist train. Each of them takes you on a trip where you will unveil the city from the comfort of the seats. It is also a way of discovering what to do in Cambrils without losing your way around the streets.

Line 1: A exciting tour for the whole family leaving the port area up to the neighbourhood of La Vila, where you will learn about the history of the old town.

Line 2: Every Wednesday we will take you to the Cambrils market. Here you will find everything.

Line 3: The tourist train takes you through the residential areas in the west. A tour that mixes city and coast.

Schedules and prices: Check prices and tickets to the Tourist Office.


  1. Samà Park

Just five kilometers from the city, heading towards Montbrio del Camp, we come across the historic, botanical and zoological park of the Costa Dorada, surrounded by olive and almond trees. The Parc Samà is our natural treasure. If you have your accommodation in Cambrils, you can check how to get to this place.

This magnificent historic garden has been listed as a cultural asset of national interest. It is located within a unique natural space and is a legacy of the Marquis de Marianao.

Parc Samà has a modernist design and built environment; with caves, walkways and areas/walls that evoke the rocks, snails and branches, reeds and enchantingly elegant banana trees. All of them surrounding the lake, where ducks and turtles also share their homes together. If you are animal lovers you can also see exotic birds such as macaws, peacocks and pheasants bathing around the waterfall. Their colours are sure to brighten up your day!

El parc conta també amb un laberint indi d’una hectàrea d’extensió i la visita al museu bodega del vi, vermut i  oli.

The park also boasts a one hectare Indian labyrinth and a visit to the wine, vermouth and oil cellar museum.


  1.  The Old Quarter

The origin of the Cambrils population, traditionally agricultural, dates back to the 12th century. In the heart of the city, the old quarter, you can enjoy a romantic walk with inviting squares and quaint shops where you can eat or sample the delights prepared by the bakeries and restaurants of the city.

If you ever wonder what to see in Cambrils, this area is a must. The streets of this area are narrow, with balconies full of flowers and unique buildings that will leave you pleasantly surprised, making it ideal for taking a relaxed photo of your trip.


  1. The Port

The port of Cambrils is one of the most vibrant areas, bursting with inviting shops, magnificent restaurants and an observation point of the arrival of the fishermen to port with their fishing boats. On the other hand, at the fish market you can also purchase the freshest fish in the city and play with the little ones whilst discovering the richness of the Mediterranean. Above all, be sure to check everything before heading out, remember you can check out the weather in Cambrils off our website.

You will see how from one moment to another you will fall in love with our city. As here the hours simply drift away. Like so, a gentle stroll around the port, becomes an ideal time to spend time together as a family and marvel at those breathtaking sunsets at the foot of the beaches of Cambrils.


  1.   Our parks 

In the city there are two magnificent parks  composed for the enjoyment of the little ones, time-out for adults and relaxation for the elderly.

In the case of the Pinaret park, you will find it in the neighbourhood of La Vila, not far from the AVE station. On the other hand, the Pescador Park is closer to our coast. At the foot of the Red Lighthouse of Cambrils. Both have different areas and have in common that they are composed of native vegetation. In both areas there is an area of ​​cultural activities, playgrounds, walking spots, park benches and rest areas.


  1. Cultural Cambrils

Come and discover Cambrils with the family or friends! Around the old town or along the port, you can also visit our Roman village of La Llosa . Learn about the history of the city through its museums, its routes through the historical spots and much much more. You just have to check the Cambrils Agenda to be up to date with all the activities and workshops that will be taking place during your stay in the city.


  1. Family evenings

One of the priorities in our city is that of families. In addition to having the family destination seal of approval, we also ensure that activities and workshops are  scheduled throughout the summer months for the little ones to enjoy. Here are a few:

  • Children’s entertainment: Shows are held throughout the summer at the Pescador Park.
  • Music spots: musical performances at the Vila Square and the Pòsit Square


  1.  The bike lane routes

We have 23 kilometers of bike lanes throughout the city to be explored along with the breeze of the Mediterranean climate. Enjoy the coast, go through the entire urban area and get to know Cambrils on wheels. It is a really fun and healthy route for all bike lovers, and economical. Park the car, leave your worries behind and pedal along our streets on your bike. In addition, across the whole city you can find rental or purchase and sale spots for such transports.

If after reading our list of the essentials you still have free time on your visit, on our blog you will find many more activities to be enjoyed

In addition, you can check out our agenda month by month. So now you know, if you have already booked your hotel in Cambrils, let us help you to plan your visit.