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Cambrils: dotze mesos obert per esport

Al bell mig de la Costa Daurada, Cambrils és una de les localitats més representatives del litoral català, però amb accés directe a llocs d’interès a l’interior. Per a l’esportista que busca un entorn agradable, amb tot a mà, Cambrils se situa entre el mar i l’abundant i fèrtil plana al seu voltant, la muntanya a prop i amb el cartell d’”obert per […]

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Open Water Swimming in Cambrils

In Cambrils you can swim in open water all year round. Cambrils Swimming Club has an open water section and it regularly offers training at Cavet beach from June to September every summer, available to anyone who wishes to swim in the sea along the buoy circuit which is set up every season. The maritime […]

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Routes in and around Cambrils

Cambrils delightful seafront promenade is ideal for strolling all year round. From east to west, the promenade runs along 9km of coastline and is excellent to unwind and have fun cycling or running ─both very healthy ways to get to know the coast of the municipality. The promenade follows the same layout as the GR-92 […]

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Electric Vehicles Charging in Cambrils

ELECTRIC VEHICLES CHARGING IN CAMBRILS 2 electric vehicles charging stations in Cambrils:   Rambla Jaume I, 63 1 rapid charging point at 50 Kw 2 vehicles at a time maximum Three – phase / AC / DC 3 charging cables (1 Chademo 50Kw; 1 CSS Combo 50Kw; 1 Mennekes 22Kw) Complete charging of a 24 […]

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Public Transport in Cambrils

Means of Public  Transport in Cambrils BICYCLE BIKE RENTING&REPAIR: Bike Cambrils Drac Beach Esports Mariné Gabi Bike RodaBike Cycling&Coffee    BIKE LANES MAP URBAN BUS Monday to Friday         Saturdays       T-10 Card If you are getting around by bus frequently, maybe it is advisable to purchase a T-10 card […]

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