To spend a weekend in Cambrils without having a wonder along the port is impossible,something unheard of, it is simply a must. Therefore we have prepared a route that goes through the best of this place of Cambrils, to ensure you get the most out of it.

The port of Cambrils has two distinctive areas. The first is a sports marina, full of activities related to the sea, the second is a fishing port, where the seafaring tradition has greatly influenced all its areas.


From the beach of Regueral to the “escales reials”

From the beach of Regueral – Prat d’En Forès you will find the sports marina of Cambrils. Our Club Nautic  is one of the main sports marinas of the Costa Daurada and Catalonia and is currently in the process of transformation to adapt to the current and future nautical needs.

You can go around it and admire its facilities thanks to the extensive area for ​​pedestrians and the bike path that make it fully accessible for all people. In addition, remember that during the months of July and August, there are many activities programmed. If you visit it at dusk, you should delve into its facilities, and see how little by little the sun goes down, leaving a wonderful sunset Cambrilense picture postcard. Enjoy it and venture, it’s your time to share moments, sit on the wooden walkways between the boats that rest in the harbour. Think that it is one of the most beautiful images we have, the port guarded by the two lighthouses – red and green – that guide the way.

This year, the beaches have once again achieved the highly acknowledged blue flags, which value and reward environmental management, safety, facilities and the optimum provision of services. This recognition certifies that we take great care and look after our 9 kilometers of coastline. So if you are looking for a morning of adventure and water, this is the perfect place to go.


Afternoons with a Cambrilense essence

Fishing is one of the main activities at the port of Cambrils. Every evening, from 4.30 pm, except for the months of May and June, when there is the closure period, you can enjoy one of the most spectacular images in the town; the arrival of the fishing boats to port followed closely by hundreds of seagulls can be seen from the stairs of the mollet del rec, mainly known as the “escala reials”. Most pass by the side of the red lighthouse until they reach the Fishermen’s Guild, where the daily catches are landed. An ideal way to finish the walk along the promenade before going to enjoy some tapas or simply return to your accommodation.

At present, from the Port of Cambrils, thirteen trawlers go out to sea, fishing mainly: sea breams, hake, mantis shrimp, squid and octopus; 4 seine fishing boats,also known as “light”, that capture sardines and anchovies, basically; and 7 trammel boats, destined to the fishing of, in particular, sole, red mullet, cuttlefish and blue whiting. If you go along to the guild, you can see how the fresh fish is sold. Also, if you want to pay a visit, guided tours during the summer months are offered.

In addition, we encourage you to discover the fishing world. You will learn how it is one of the most deeply rooted trades in the town, rich in experiences and intangible knowledge passed down from generation to generation. You can enjoy getting on the boats and being part of an entire day of fishing in the sea or just for a while whilst sharing a lunch on the boat.