Gastronomic Route in Cambrils “A Delightful Old Town”

Along this gastronomic route you will be able to discover the origins of the city and through the different places of interest you will discover narrow and cobbled streets, historic spots, picturesque squares, landscaped balconies. Lose yourself along the streets full of plants or buy a souvenir in the form of a gourmet product. You can also discover charming bars, cafes where you can enjoy a relaxing drink and a laid-back local market.


Points of Interest:

  1. History Museum Moli de les Tres Eres
  2. LaVilateria
  3. Vila5
  4. Quin Cacau!
  5. Del Setge Square
  6. Creusn Street and Air-Raid Shelter
  7. Local Market


When we mention Cambrils the first image that comes to mind is that of its sun-kissed beaches. Although this city holds a hidden gem: La Vila.

The name of Cambrils appears in documents for the first time in 1152 when the lands and the Castilian country were passed over into the hands of Beltran of Cambrils. The task was to repopulate, improve and fortify it, and indeed it was thanks to the reign of Pedro III the Ceremonious with a wall that completely surrounded the area of ​​the old town. The only remains of this wall are to be found in the Plaza de la Vila.

Another tough moment in the history of Cambrils was the Civil War. The bomb shelter is a part of its historical memory and a boosting factor for the Culture of Peace.

The Molí de les Tres Eres Museum allows us to get to know part of this history and also the functioning of a hydraulic flour mill that stopped working around 1900. You can also visit the archaeological exhibition that uncovers the origins of Cambrils, and where we can take a look at the Roman remains found in the Vila Romana of La Llosa in which we highlight a collection of bronzes from II AD.

Not many years ago, the Plaza de la Vila was considered the social and cultural centre of the locals, firstly because the Cambrils Town Hall was located here, and which is now the magistrate’s courts, and because it was here where the market and the trade fair was held, which is why the entire square has porches so that traders could shelter themselves a little from the cold and rain. In this relaxing square you will find some suggestions for savoury lovers: La Vilatería, Vila5 and for something sweet: Quin Cacau.

When you find yourself in front of the market, if you look at the arches and windows on its main facade, it may seem like an old church, but the letters at the top make it very clear what it is.


1. History Museum Molí de les Tres Eres

  • Local’s Advice: You cannot leave the museum without seeing the mill in action, in which you can watch the whole process of the grinding of wheat into the flour.
  • Address: Via Augusta, 1
  • GPS: 41.072641, 1.056167


2. La Vilateria

La Vilatería is in the heart of the old town in the Plaza de la Vila, where the old town hall was located. It is a comfortable and welcoming place to enjoy breakfast or an aperitif, and which also has a shopping area for local oils, wines with different designations of origin with a high presence of local wineries and delicatessen products.

  • Local’s Advice: Having a relaxing coffee or aperitif in the fresh air on the terrace of this charming square is highly recommendable for seekers of pleasure.


  • Address: Plaça de la Vila, 19
  • GPS: 41.074527, 1.052806



Tapas bar located in the heart of Cambrils town. Small but really charming place with vintage decor and modern touches. Very original, creative and high quality tapas. They also have vegetarian options. Great breakfasts and an unbeatable service.

  • Local’s advice: Don’t miss its late afternoon atmosphere and the mojitos that are not worth missing.


  • Address: Plaça de la Vila, 5
  • GPS: 41.074479, 1.05245


4. Quin Cacau!

Shop specialised in chocolate and derived products, family-owned and bicentennial company dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of products derived from flour in Cambrils since 1806 when the first bakery with oven was opened, located in the actual family manor house in the town.

  • Local’s advice: any afternoon is good to enjoy an assortment of chocolate delights that you can be served at Quin Cacau!
  • Address: Verge del Camí, 2
  • GPS:41.073752, 1.052063


5. Del Setge Square

This square of Cambrils recalls one of the bloodiest events in the city, the siege carried out by the troops of Felipe IV during the battle of Cambrils in 1640 resulting in hundreds of residents being killed in the heat of the battle or captured and subsequently executed. A half-buried sickle and a laurel wreath on the only remaining gateway of the old wall recall this chapter.

  • Local’s advice: Have a wander from the gateway into the old town and arrive at Lloberas Street, to walk along “the best floral street in the city”.


  • Adress: Plaça del Setge, s/n
  • GPS: 41.075581, 1.050413


6. Creus Street and Air-Raid Shelter

  • Local’s advice: Arranged visits for groups with the activity Routes of the Civil War Areas in Cambrils.


  • Address: Carrer Creus
  • GPS: 41.074668, 1.051222


7. Local Market

In the local market of Cambrils, you will find all the fresh products you need: fruit and vegetables, fish and seafood, bread and pasta, meat, chicken, charcuterie, equine, salt-water fish, dairies and cheese, precooked products, bulk goods: spices, pulses, dried fruits and nuts, caramelised and dried, salts from across the world, etc.

  • Local’s advice: Ask the local market shopkeepers for advice to buy the best products. 


  • Address: Carrer Pere III, 2
  • GPS: 41.072856, 1.052448