Gastronomic Route in Cambrils “Gazing at the Stars”

Get ready to discover along this gastronomic route the place where future chefs and bakers are being trained, where the most renowned prepare their masterpieces, the highest quality products that they use for their gastronomic creations and finally to unwind, we will show you the spot to gaze at the stars while having a good craft beer.


Points of Interest:

  1. Catering College
  2. Rincón de Diego Restaurant 
  3. Can Bosch Restaurant 
  4. Casa Savall Fishmonger’s
  5. La Font Baker’s
  6. Fisherman’s Association 
  7. Barlovento Pub/Bar


The reputation of Cambrils gastronomy is recognised by all. Cambrils is one of the cities in Catalonia where more restaurants are concentrated per square metre. This leadership is not conceived solely by the quantity of the restaurants but also by the quality.

At the Catering College of Cambrils, future chefs learn the primary catering techniques, a passion for cooking, the handling of products and continuous improvements to grow personally and professionally.

The French company Michelin publishes each year a guide in which it indicates which are, according to its criteria, the best restaurants in over a dozen countries. In Cambrils we are proud to have two restaurants that boast that precious star: Can Bosch and El Rincón de Diego.

But in addition to our award-winning chefs with dishes that will go down a treat, you can also taste the delights of an award-winning master baker, who has been making the traditional dessert of Cambrils since 2005: the Cambrillanas among other sweet and savoury suggestions at La Font Bakery.

The raw ingredients for all of them are essential, so we encourage you to go to the port of Cambrils at 5 in the afternoon to see the boats returning with the fresh fish from a long day of work. And then to the Casa Savall fishmonger where just an hour later they are selling that fish that has just arrived into the harbour

Finally, in Barlovento, under the watchful eye of the Cambrils seafront you can unwind from the busy day and take in the best views of Cambrils drinking a Cambrilenca: a craft beer designed and made in Cambrils.


1. Hotel and Catering College

Since 1983 they train people and future professionals in the hospitality, tourism and food industries of Cambrils, Europe and worldwide. It is a place where students of training programmes of different specialties gain theory practise and do work experience to allow them to acquire the abilities and technical skills necessary for the hotel and catering sector.

  • Local’s advice:The Hotel and Catering College of Cambrils opens its doors to the public from October through to May and from Monday to Thursday to offer its guests a menu prepared and served by the students under the supervision of their expert teachers. In their restaurant they offer a gastronomic choice created and designed with the client and the time of year in mind, the product and the most current and demanding business requirements. Please book in advance.
  • Address: Carrer Estel, 2
  • GPS: 41.063909, 1.0438722,17


2. Rincón de Diego Restaurant

The innovative kitchen at Rincón de Diego is the gastro creative space where they work with fresh fish and seafood of the highest quality and with local products. Market produce that they choose carefully and that allows them to design their own signature gastronomic creations that are renewed according to the season. In order to achieve the perfect balance at the table, they design different gastronomic suggestions, to suit all tastes, which include some of the most mouth-watering seasonal creations.

  • Local’s advice: Interesting menus and gastronomic days throughout the year. They have highly recommended suggestions.
  • Address: Carrer Drassanes, 19
  • GPS: 41.066902, 1.0631466


3. Can Bosch Restaurant

The sea brought to the table. This is how the culinary philosophy of Can Bosch could be summed up, a restaurant that expertly combines the products provided off the Cambrils fishing boats and the fruits and vegetables that are harvested in Cambrils and the surrounding towns.
The quality of the product, essentially a local product, which passes directly, as one might say, from the boat or the vegetable garden straight to the kitchen, where the country’s culinary tradition is treated with deep respect, but with a firm eye on a constant renewal. Michelin starred since 1984.

  • Local’s advice: Black rice is one of the most traditional dishes, but at the same time made with the most innovative techniques that characterise the cuisine of this restaurant.
  • Address: Rambla Jaume I, 19
  • GPS: 41.067104, 1.059081


4. Casa Savall Fishmonger’s

  • A family business dedicated to the world of fish for more than 70 years. Retail sale where you will find all kinds of sea products whether Mediterranean, Atlantic or Cantabrian. We also specialise in catering, where they distribute our fresh and frozen fish and seafood throughout the province of Tarragona, clean, filleted, alive … To suit the client’s needs! We are a company dedicated to the retail and wholesale marketing of fresh and frozen fish and seafood. Based in Cambrils, it has two stores located on Pau Casals Street, 10 and 11-13 with our own hatcheries that allow us to offer the highest quality in our products.
  • Local’s advice: Try their new line of home-cooked pre-cooked products, made entirely by hand and with raw ingredients of the highest quality. Fish broths, seafood creams, carpaccios, croquettes …
  • Address: Carrer Pau Casals, 10
  • GPS: 41.06639,1.059412


5. La Font Bakery

Bakery, founded in 1988 by the master artisan José Maestre and his wife. Its philosophy is to offer a fresh, elegant baked goods with unique flavours. Always putting all his passion and dedication into it, choosing the best ingredients, such as almonds and hazelnuts from Reus, Bourbon and Thaití vanillas or chocolates from the best plantations.

  • Local’s advice: In 2005 they won the award for making the traditional dessert of Cambrils with a small cupcake made and covered with hazelnuts from the area. Try them and you will know exactly why they won the award.
  • Address: Plaça de la Constitució, 4
  • GPS: 41.067294, 1.057093


6. Fishermen’s Association

The history of the current Fishermen’s Association dates back, at least, to the 18th century. Throughout its history it has had different names and its location has been changing, from the old Fisherman’s Cooperative building to its current headquarters in the same port of Cambrils, on the west dock. Currently, 13 trawlers go out to sea from the port of Cambrils, which mainly fish: sea bream, hake, galleys, squid, and octopus; 4 light boats that catch sardines and anchovies, amongst other blue fish and 7 trammel boats, which mainly fish for sole, red mullet and cuttlefish.

  • Local’s advice: If you visit Cambrils, you cannot miss the opportunity to take a walk through the port and head along to the fish market. From Monday to Friday around 17:00h. – you can take in the arrival of the fishermen to the port loaded with the catches in which you can learn a little more about this millenary profession.
  • Address: Moll Ponent
  • GPS: 41.0633442,1.0571167,17


7. Barlovento Pub/Bar

Very romantic and lovely place with privileged views of the town of Cambrils lit up at night, from 8 until late at night. Ideal to eat something or have a drink in a nice and quiet place.

  • Local’s advice: Ideal to have a mojito and take in the sunset, gazing at the seafront of Cambrils. Or order a La Cambrilenca: This beer is made to pair well with fish, seafood and cheese. It has a style called Fruit Wheat Ale (wheat beer), with a white froth and firm consistency in the glass. It has a blend of citrus aromas defined by orange peel, with essences of cereal and flowers. On the taste-buds the sensation is very refreshing, light and fruity.
  • Address: Passeig Miramar, 44 Club Náutico de Cambrils