Dog Friendly Beach in Cambrils


In Cambrils the circulation, presence and bathing of animals on the beaches is prohibited from April 1 to October 31, both included, except in the area of ​​beach enabled for dogs located at the mouth of the river of Alforja , in the delimited section.



Dogs are the responsibility of their owners

  • It is compulsory to pick up dog excrements
  • It is mandatory to put the defecations into the wastebaskets of the area
  • Dogs can not access other beaches
  • You can not leave the delimited beach area into the sand and water
  • Dogs can not use the showers on the beaches of the town, which are not authorised for dogs

In general, dogs must meet the following requirements:

  • Be provided with identification with microchip or tattoo
  • Carry the identification document
  • Connected by means of a collar and a strap or chain, which do not cause injury to the animal
  • Wear a nametag or any other means adapted to the collar of the animal that shows the name of the animal and the data of the owner or possessor.

Potentially dangerous dogs must meet the following additional requirements when travelling on pathways and public spaces:

  • Carry a muzzle appropriate for the type of breed of each animal
  • Go connected by means of a collar and a chain or strap that is not extendible and no longer than 2 meters, without causing injury to the animal
  • They can not be taken by children under 18 years old
  • No more than one potentially dangerous dog can be taken at any time.


  • Tenure Municipal Ordinance and Protection of Domestic Animals