Squid Days

7 Reasons to enjoy the 5th edition of the Squid Days

Following the hottest months, the city resumes its gastronomic calendar; this time with the fifth edition of the Squid Days. For that reason, here we will show you 7 reasons to pack your bags, book your hotel in Cambrils  and take on the opportunity to savour  this product from our coast.

  1. Health without forgetting the flavour

Many informative portals, such as La Vanguardia ensure that this cephalopod is a food low in calories and fat (although if we consume it fried or battered it can change this fact.

Furthermore, this mollusc contains selenium, phosphorus, iodine, iron, polyunsaturated acids, omega 3, vitamin E and B12, in addition to niacin; although its consumption is not recommended for people with high blood pressure and diabetes due to its high cholesterol content.

A tasty option for October if you are looking to expand your knowledge on this mollusc. On the other hand, the variety of options offered on the menus by the gastronomic capital of the Costa Daurada will help you discover new methods that go beyond the Andalusian or battered squid.

  1. Try the local product

This is one of the most captured products on the Cambrilense coast. The squid can be found throughout the year on the coast of the Costa Daurada, being one of the molluscs that are mostly captured on the fishing boats. A unique opportunity to savour all the marine creations from our town. Just imagine it!

  1. A different flavour in each restaurant of Cambrils

If it is your first time visiting the town, you will find that there are many restaurants and hotels, cocktail bars, cafés… It is important that you let yourself go; wander along our streets and discover new places. In the programme of the Gastronomic Squid Days you will find a map with all the participating restaurants. A perfect option to combine the visit with places of interest along with gastronomic tourism.

However, if you have already visited us … We also have an option for you. We suggest you try heading away from the centre of Cambrils; and look for new places and hidden spots, and make them yours. In the programme across these days, you will also find some restaurants further away from the center.

  1. An excuse to go out and walk the harbour

We must not forget along these gastronomic days the importance of the Cambrils seafaring tradition. And what better way to honour our history than taking a walk through our emblematic harbour. Head from one point to another across our town, one option is to start at our red lighthouse that directs the way for the boats that arrive into our town; and then enjoy our promenade full of local trading from the town and finish off the day just a stones throw away from the En Prat Forés beach – Regueral.


Make the most of these gastronomic days and discover our seafaring tradition and since you are out on a walk, get yourself ready to eat in the best restaurants with some squid menus that you are sure to love.

  1. A perfect option for a Sunday

Do you not feel at times that there are Sundays where you want to try something new? Well, from September 27 to October 13 it is your chance. Say goodbye to the quiet family Sunday with a tasting of the Cambrils squid. Besides, you will never repeat the same dish, as they have prepared around thirty different and unique menus for over these days.

Paired with the Raventós Codorniu cavas and wines

A good dish cannot be served without a perfect pairing. Therefore, we recommend that with your menu from the gastronomic squid days, you enjoy a tasting of the the exquisite Raventós Codorniu wines and cavas, the products from this brand will give you a wine chosen carefully to highlight the flavours and tones of each of the dishes off the chosen menu. A perfect pairing for a special occasion. Are you ready?

  1. Prices that adapt to you

From the organising company of the event, not only do they wish to highlight the true worth of this cephalopod , the largest number of diners is also wanted. Therefore, on the exclusive menus in this gastronomic event you will find prices to suit all budgets. You just have to note down your reservation and choose the best option to suit you.